Since 2015, the Herzog August Bibliothek generously hosts researchers invited by Dr Matthias Roick, the project’s principal investigator. Together, the library and Dr Roick offer early-career as well as senior guests the possibility to investigate and discuss the riches of one of Europe’s most important research libraries. Here is a list of the guests (from A like Apressyan to Z like Zanin) who have come to visit so far:

  • Prof. Dr. Ruben Apressyan (Moskau), 5.-12. November 2016, The Appearance of a Philosophical Concept of Morality in Modern Moral Philosophy
  • Dr. Olga Artemieva (Moskau), 5.-12. November 2016, The Transformation of the Concept of Virtue in Eighteenth-Century British Moral Philosophy
  • Prof. Dr. Albrecht Classen (Tucson), 5.-12. Juli 2017, Early Modern Notions of Tolerance
  • Dr. Valérie Cordonier (Paris/Fribourg), 5.-15. Mai 2015, The Liber de Bona Fortuna in the History of Ethics
  • Dr. Marìa Diez Yañez (Münster/Madrid), 2.-12. Dezember 2015, The Aristotelian Ethics and Early Modern Spanish Literature
  • Prof. Dr. Danilo Facca (Warschau), 18.-25. Juni 2016, Early Modern Universities and the Teaching of Ethics
  • Dr. Sara Ferrilli (Pisa), 27. Juni – 9. Juli 2016, Morality and Manuscripts. The Wolfenbüttel Corvinae and Beyond
  • Dr. Stefano Gulizia (Newark), 15. November – 15. Dezember 2017, The Ethics of Natural Knowledge: The European Reception of Aristotelian Meteorology, 1450-1650

  • Dr. Christoph Haar (Frankfurt), Ethical and Political Oeconomica in Early Modern Discussions
  • Dr. Hideki Kitamura (Florenz), 10.-16 Mai 2017, Florilegia and Manuscript Culture in the History of Ethics, 1250-1450
  • PD Dr. Frauke Kurbacher (Berlin), 15.-26. August 2015, Zu einer Philosophie der Haltung. Frühneuzeitliche Perspektiven
  • Dr. Valentina Lepri (Warschau), 18.-25. Juni 2016, Early Modern Academies and Ethics. The Case of Zamość
  • Dr. Andrey Prokofev (Moskau), 5.-12. November 2016, The Self-Regarding Content of Morality in Modern Moral Philosophy
  • Dr. Laura Refe (Venedig), 18.-29. April 2017, Aristotelian Moral Thought in the Vernacular
  • Dr. Tommaso de Robertis (Arezzo), 16.-28. September 2016, Prudentia and fortuna as Key Concepts of Early Modern Ethics
  • Prof. Dr. Claudia Rossignoli (St. Andrews), 18.-23. Oktober 2017, Moral Education, Reformation, and Early Modern Literature
  • Drew Thomas BA MTS (St. Andrews), 12.-13. Juli 2017, Early Modern Book Culture
  • Prof. Dr. Katja Triplett (Göttingen), 19. September 2016, Japanische Jesuitendrucke
  • Dr. Gijs Versteegen (Madrid), 20.-21. April 2017, Early Modern Nobilty and the Virtue of Magnificence
  • Dr. Enrica Zanin (Straßburg), 15.-21. Februar 2016, In the Footsteps of Boccaccio. Novellas, Narrative Literature and Ethics in Early Modernity